Miniaturen Halterung (Painter Grip) zur Bemalung von Figuren



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  • Hersteller: HobbyZone
  • Artikelnummer: HZ-PG1
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • Qualitativ hochwertige Hobby Ordnungssysteme von HobbyZone
  • The Painter Grip is a figure painting jig that features a leather-covered handle for comfort while painting miniatures, figures and small models/subassemblies. The Grip is covered with genuine leather which makes even prolonged use comfortable in the hand. The knob at the top of the Grip with the HZ logo controls the clamp that holds your figure or model. A base is included to keep the Grip standing while taking a break or waiting for paint to dry.
  • Compact box consist of two parts with magnet closure and handy edge with cut-off for easy opening.
  • Main features:
  • grip covered with genuine leather 
  • grip onto figures and miniatures to provide maximum level of stabilization (maximum width of gap - 5mm)
  • knob for regulation gap's width
  • desktop base to hold grip upright
  • base will hold grip in one of two angles
  • minimize unintended effects caused by the muscle tremble of your hands
  • usable in either right or left hand
  • product comes ready to use
  • This is handmade product
  • Dimensions 15cm x 4cm x 2,5 cm
  • Painter Grip does not include miniatures, pictures shows a sample of equipment.


  • Miniaturen Halterung (Painter Grip) zur Bemalung von Figuren ca. B4,0 x H15,0 x T2,5 cm
  • (Maximale Einspannmöglichkeit 0,5cm)
  • Miniaturen oder ähnliches nicht enthalten!
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